General Guidelines

Your attention and cooperation to the items below are appreciated.  Please…

  • Arrange for a person who will introduce the artist(s).
  • Model and encourage proper and attentive behavior during the performance/activity.
  • Arrange for lunch (when requested) for the artist(s).
  • Avoid cancellation of scheduled programming (see Cancellation Guidelines listed below).
  • Arrange for prompt payment to Galaxy for arts services when billed by CIU # 10.
  • Ensure that legally responsible people are in the room with the artist at all times.  Artists are not to be utilized as substitute teachers.
  • Identify a person who will act as your school’s “host” for the artist(s).  This could even be a student who can be an “artist buddy” or “arts ambassador” to greet the artist, show him/her around, etc.
  • Immediately contact Galaxy/CIU # 10 with any concerns or problems.

Cancellation Guidelines:

Due to the necessity for Galaxy to honor contracts with artists as well as provisions for the use of grant funds for certain resources, the following guidelines may be used in the event a school cancels a scheduled resource.

For  “Artist for a Day” (AFAD),  contact the artist immediately if schedules change. 

  • It is the responsibility of the school to be prepared to receive and welcome the artist on the agreed upon day and time (per the “Confirming Order Form” the school contact person submitted on-line).
  • In case of Emergency:  Contact the artist as early as possible.  If the artist is not reached and travels to the school, but does not perform the contracted service, the school will be billed $25 to cover travel expenses.  The school should make every effort to reschedule the service with the artist.
  • (Non-Emergency)  If the school schedule changes and the artist has not been contacted:  As a general guideline, if the artist travels to the school, but does not perform the contracted service, the school will be billed 25% of the cost of the arranged service, provided that the service is rescheduled.  If the service is not rescheduled, the school will be billed 50% of the full price (not to exceed $200). 

For Artist Residencies,  the school agrees to adhere to the requirements listed in the artist residency contract and application for funding, both of which are signed by the building administrator. 

Crediting Guidelines:

Please be sure to include the proper recognition of Galaxy/CIU 10 and the PA Council on the Arts (PCA),  if applicable, in your promotional materials and on your website….  as follows:  

  • Galaxy/CIU # 10:  Always recognize “Galaxy, the Arts in Education Program of CIU # 10” in written and verbal notices.  An example of what might appear in a program for an arts service made available through Galaxy might be:

This program is/was brought to you by Galaxy, the Arts in Education Program of CIU 10

  • PA Council on the Arts (PCA):  If an artist residency is supported by PCA funds, all promotions must ALSO state (in addition to recognizing Galaxy): 

This project was made possible through the Arts in Education Partnership of the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, a state agency.  It is funded by the citizens of Pennsylvania through an annual legislative appropriation, and administered locally by Galaxy.  The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts is supported by the National Endowment for the Arts.