As Galaxy Teaching Artists, you provide a valuable service to schools.  With your particular training, talent and expertise you have the ability, and the opportunity, to enhance teaching and learning in schools across the CIU #10 region… and to bring a unique sense of excitement into the classroom!

If you have any questions about Galaxy’s new procedures, please contact:

Renee McQuown at 814-342-0884 ext. 3054 or via email at

 Forms / Guidelines for Artists

 Artist Support:

 Artist Guidelines and Procedures are posted here on the website. 

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Artist Procedures and Guidelines

 Forms for 2019-2020

  For ALL Services:

 Artist Services Confirmation / Invoice Form

  Planning and Call Worksheet 

  Artist for a Day (AFAD):

 Artist Residency:

 Residency Guidelines for Artist 

 Residency Planning Meeting Participation Form

 Photo Release Permission Form

  2 New Forms to be Completed After the Residency:

    Residency – Artist Final Summary and Statistics

    Residency – Artist Final Evaluation / SURVEY