Central Intermediate Online Learning Association (CIOLA) was created for our member districts to address the need for students to have an online learning option within their district. This is a challenging and flexible educational alternative for students who want or need something different or in conjunction with their traditional high school but don’t want to enroll in a commercial cyber school outside of the district. This option gives students the ability to enroll in courses that the district otherwise cannot offer, or find online learning to be more accommodating to his or her educational needs.


I enjoy doing cyber school because I can do it on my own time and my own pace. I like how I can do it when I’m sick or when the other kids don’t have school. I definitely believe my grades have improved by doing cyber. My attitude has gotten a lot better towards school. I don’t have to worry about missing the bus, getting bullied, trying to fit in, or being late to class. I also feel really comfortable asking for help because I’m not in front of lots other kids, the teachers reply back with clear answers, and every time I get messages back they praise me for my work. This all makes me feel better about myself. I really enjoy doing cyber school!

Adale Glass, 8th Grade
Harmony Area Online Learning Association (HAOLA)

CIOLA’s program has been incredible for our students. For our students who need or prefer an online learning option, CIOLA has allowed us to offer a quality option that does not require students to give up earning a West Branch diploma. Our student success rates with CAIOLA’s program have been incredible. We went from having a success rate well under 50% to well over 80% in just one school year. Students enjoy the program and are motivated to learn. I would recommend CIOLA’s program to any district looking for a way to meet the needs of online learners.

Jennifer Porter
School Counselor – Grades 8, 10, 12
West Branch Area High School

2019-2020 Consortium Members

2019-2020 Consortium Members
Curwensville Area School District
Glendale Area School District
Harmony Area School District
State College Area School District
West Branch Area School District
Keystone Central School District

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Jenna Witherite
Director of Adult Education and Project Development
814-342-0884, ext. 3056